Our Word of the Week – Ogee


Ogee – Ogee, pronounced like saying the letters O.G., refers to a shape seen often in architecture, woodworking, and even aluminum gutters, of all places. An ogee shape is a curved shape that resembles an “s” shape (on its side) as shown below. It has two opposing curves that make up its length. The shape you…

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Our Word(s) Of The Week: Plinth and Casings

Plinth and Casings

Our Word(s) Of The Week : Plinth and Casings This week’s word of the week is actually going to be two words: Casing and Plinth. This is because we have a video to present that features both words. Before we get to that… Casing: The casing is the trim around a door, a window, or an…

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Shutter Dogs : Our Word of the Week

Shutter Dogs

Shutter dog – To me this sounds like that stray dog looking for scraps, going from house to house. Don’t mind him. He’s just a shutter dog. Actually this is a tool used by houses everyday. Functional exterior window shutters – meaning they can be swung shut to protect the windows – are held open during…

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Rainwater Conductor : Word of the Week

Rainwater Conductor

Rainwater Conductor – This is a little man in the clouds with a railroad hat and a baton. With a flick of the wrist and a wave of the hand, he tells the rain where and when to fall. This, of course, is fantasy. If there was such a being, the US government would have…

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Turret: Word of the Week


Turret – In architecture, a turret is a small tower that projects vertically from the wall of a building. You may be familiar with turrets protruding from the side of a medieval castle. But they are still found today in many styles of design.Turrets were used to provide a projecting defensive position allowing covering fire to the…

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Cremone: Word of the Week


A cremone, or cremone bolt, is a piece of hardware you might find on a pair of swinging windows, a casement window, or French doors. It is a locking device that secures the panels in a locked position. Although they certainly serve a valuable function, they are mainly decorative. A knob or lever handle is usually…

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Our Word of the Week: Threshold


Threshold – We all know the tradition. The groom carries his bride across the threshold of their new home. When he does this, he’s bringing her symbolically into his house to start their partnership. The threshold has the symbolic importance of being the point of entry into the home. What is a threshold, actually? Literally the groom has carried his new…

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Our Word of the Week – Soffit


Soffit (Exterior and Interior) – Simply put, a soffit (exterior) is the space or ceiling between the side of the building and the overhang of the roof. It’s the visible part of the underside of the roof. In architectural terms, the soffit is the exposed underside of any number of things – an archway, a…

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Baluster – Our Word of the Week


Baluster – You and nearly everyone has seen a baluster before, even if you might not have known what it was called. But rest assured, you’ve seen plenty of them. In fact they usually come in groups – they don’t travel alone. A baluster is one in a series of vertical posts that support a handrail or bannister. Look…

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