Kitchen Design Tips for Short People

Kitchen Design for Short People

Every part of Your Perfect House should accommodate you, personally, as much as possible, including your kitchen design. Remember, our objective is to design a house that is simply perfect for you. And that should certainly be true when it comes to designing your kitchen. When you buy clothes, you choose the style you like.…

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Kitchen Backsplash Details Matter

Kitchen Backsplash Design

You have to get a lot of small details right to make the kitchen in your new house, or your kitchen remodel, turn out great. One of the more difficult parts of the kitchen is the backsplash. When I say “backsplash,” I’m referring to the wall area at the back of your countertop above the…

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Make Your Shower Seat Easy to Clean

Shower Seat Design

Shower seats are a nice convenience. They are helpful if you cannot stand for long periods of time. They are useful for shaving legs. And they make great places to keep lots and lots of shampoos, conditioners, sponges, and whatever else enhances your shower experience. But don’t make your shower seat a condominium for mold…

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Window Safety and Building Code Requirements

Window Safety Building Code

Windows are an important part of any house. They are critical to the look and aesthetic of the house. but they also serve specific functional needs. Residential Building Codes have requirements for window safety, energy performance, and a minimum amount of daylight and ventilation for rooms. Safety requirements dictate which windows must have safety glass…

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Home Fire Safety Should Be Taken Seriously

House Fire Safety

I received a question from a reader asking about a room they were considering renting with not window, only one door, and a wood-burning stove for heat. It made me shudder to think of it. Here is my answer to their email. “I would be very nervous about living in a room with one exit,…

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Select the Right House Plan

House Plan Selection

With thousands of plans available on-line or through house plan books, how can you pick the right one? The sheer number of choices makes this a tough task. And even if you are choosing among four or five models and plans in a builder’s development, the choice can still be hard. Here are my Four…

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Barn Doors Are Great, but Not Everywhere

Barn Doors Used in Houses

Barn doors have been rapidly replacing pocket doors in newer, more stylish houses. They certainly make a design statement, whether done with a rustic look or a smooth and painted look. Barn doors are often used in places where pocket doors might have been used in the past. Unfortunately, pocket doors carry a connotation of…

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