Fix Wet Basement

A Wet Basement Can Be Fixed

Good News! You can fix a wet basement. It isn’t easy, but it’s possible and it might be necessary. If you have plans to finish off your basement to add useful living space to your home, you need your basement to become a dry basement before you spend money on finishes. This is absolutely something…
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Petoskey Stone House Design

Unique and Beautiful Petoskey Stone

If you are building or remodeling, you probably want to include some details that make your house unique and different from most other houses. People building or remodeling in Michigan sometimes use their state stone to distinguish their houses. I doubt that many states actually have a state stone, but Michigan does, probably because the Petoskey Stone…
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Home Design Color Swatches

Choosing Paint Colors Is Challenging

Recently I was asked for tips to help homeowners navigate the ocean of paint swatches at the home improvement store. Selecting colors can be challenging. It can be a daunting task. With so many colors to choose from it seems it would be easy to find just the right one. The fact there are millions of colors in…
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Building Permit Requirement

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Get a Building Permit if you are planning a home improvement project such as finishing your basement or rearranging your bathroom or kitchen. The jargon in the construction world is to “pull a permit.” Weird, but that’s the jargon. Often, folks decide to not get a permit for home improvements because they worry this will…
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High Ceiling Small Space

Dealing with High Ceilings in Small Spaces

High Ceilings in small spaces can be disconcerting. High ceilings in most rooms of a house rooms are great. But high ceilings in small spaces can create the dreaded “elevator shaft” effect. That’s what you can end up with in small rooms with high ceilings.  In high-end houses, ten-foot high ceilings, and above, have gotten…
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Right Window Shade Settings

Window Shades Can Save Energy

If I asked you to list five ways to save energy in your house, I’ll bet that window shades would never be on your list. Make it a list of twenty energy-saving tactics and window shades still wouldn’t make the list. We tend to think of window shades as only providing privacy and decor. But the right…
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