Make Your Bathroom a Spa

Spa Bathroom

Your Spa Bathroom can be much more than simply a place to bathe, groom, and take care of…well, other business. It can provide you with a spa experience at a much lower cost than visiting an Auberge Resort. Granted, you may not have room service and a private masseur, unless your significant other volunteers for…

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Fight Pollen Season with Filters

Right Bathroom Design

During the Spring, Pollen from Pine Trees and other new plant growth can be annoying. there are some ways to filter the pollen so that it doesn’t get inside your home, and you can enjoy the Spring.

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A Warm Garage In Cold Climates

Winter Car

Spring has finally arrived, even in the frigid north. The hardships of winter are over. But winter will return before you know it. You might want to think about making next winter a bit easier to handle. Those of you who endure long, cold winters know the challenge of dealing with cold and frozen cars.…

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