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If you're planning a home design project, whether it's a new house, a new kitchen, or a remodelling, I’ll bet you have plenty of questions.

Finding the right answers can save you lots of time and tons of money.

Home building and home improvement projects are wonderfully exciting and fun. After all, you’re about to shape the place you live into your dream home.

But, you’ve heard the horror stories about budget overruns, delayed schedules, and things going wrong.

Fortunately, most problems can easily be avoided, if you do your homework.


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We’ll talk about:

  • Concepts of home design and space planning
  • Energy efficiency and green building
  • Kitchen design
  • Bathroom design
  • Lighting, plumbing, heating and air conditioning
  • Building materials
  • Windows and doors
  • Accessible design and design for aging-in-place
  • Design of home offices, gyms, garages and other special rooms
  • Selecting fixtures and finishes and more

Would you like to know:

  • How to make your floor plan as efficient as possible?
  • What window type is best?
  • How to position your house on the land for maximum energy efficiency?
  • What insulation is best?
  • How to guarantee you new house or addition “lives” perfectly?
  • How to choose the right faucet?
  • How to design the best kitchen?

Bill can help you answer those questions and many, many more that relate to your home design project.

Many have used this resource to guide their projects, so can you!

"If you care about how your building project turns out, getting the direction of an architect is crucial. However, it can be expensive for most. So, reading Bill's insightful posts and purchasing his book providing us with valuable answers before moving forward with our own project." 

Ben Bumfrey

San Antonio, TX

"Bill Hirsch is a top-notch, professional architect that has a tremendous amount of experience. His guidance was instrumental building my home just the way we wanted it. I would trust Bill's advice for any home design project."

Gary Potts

Sanford, NC

"Environment is such a huge consideration when building a new home. It often drives many decisions when starting a home design build. This site provided much insight for us in the beginning stages of our project. Things we had never even considered."

Sandy Tillman

Sanibel Island, FL