A Better Window above a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Window

Nearly everyone likes to have a window above their kitchen sink. Standing and washing dishes is not most folks’ idea of a pleasant chore. But the chore becomes more pleasant if, instead of staring at a blank wall, you can look out through a window. The usual and customary way of placing a window in…

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Easily Plan Your New House with a Square Footage Calculator

Tape Measure

We have an automatic Square Footage Calculator that can help you plan your new house or addition. It makes it easy to figure out the room sizes and room combinations that will fit within your target house size and budget. Download Instructions You’ve learned how to calculate square footage. Hopefully you have a good idea…

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Granite Countertops Help with Resale

Granite Counters

Do granite countertops add resale value to your home? Like many home improvements, granite countertops may not pay you back “dollar for dollar.” But they will certainly help present your house as an up-to-date, well cared for home. And that will help you sell your house more quickly. Selling a house without granite in the…

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