Your House Design Style Needs to Be Consistent

Consistent Home Design

This Farmhouse Style House Design Fails Due to Inconsistent Elements and Details Some house designs start out in the right direction but manage to veer off the road and end up in a ditch. I noticed a house that once appeared on the HGTV Facebook page recently. The architect (or house designer) who designed this…

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Cool Bunk Beds – Space Saving and Fun

Bunk Bed

I don’t think there is a kid alive who does not love bunk beds. And you adults, think back. Wasn’t that your favorite way to sleep? There is a certain coziness about sleeping in your own little cocoon a bunk bed provides. Basic bunk beds are economical and practical. They save floor space in two…

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Dormers Can Transform Useless Attic Space


Dormers can greatly enhance the appearance of a house, while also expanding the useful living space on the second floor. A standard attic that might otherwise be only good for storage can be dramatically transformed into delightful living space that is loaded with character. Rooms carved out of the space under the house roof framing…

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House Dormers – Delightful or Hideous

A large dormer can allow you to add a significant amount of second floor space without having to lift the roof and add a good deal of construction cost. And properly proportioned dormers will add character and style to your house. But a badly designed dormer can be like a wart on the Mona Lisa.…

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Get a House That Works and Is Energy Efficient

House Entryway

Energy Efficient House Design Today, I spent the day in a class called Houses That Work, a class about how to make houses more energy efficient and healthier. It was presented by EEBA, The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance. As an architect, I have to participate in continuing education classes, seminars, and other learning activities…

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