Our Word of the Week: Threshold


Threshold – We all know the tradition. The groom carries his bride across the threshold of their new home. When he does this, he’s bringing her symbolically into his house to start their partnership. The threshold has the symbolic importance of being the point of entry into the home. What is a threshold, actually? Literally the groom has carried his new…

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Our Word of the Week – Soffit


Soffit (Exterior and Interior) – Simply put, a soffit (exterior) is the space or ceiling between the side of the building and the overhang of the roof. It’s the visible part of the underside of the roof. In architectural terms, the soffit is the exposed underside of any number of things – an archway, a…

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Our Word of the Week: Wainscot


Wainscot – This is the architectural word that is possibly the most often mispronounced. It is not pronounced as it is spelled. The proper way to say this word is “wainscoat.” A Wainscot is not the jacket belonging to a guy named Wayne, even though that’s what it sounds like. It refers to any type of wall paneling…

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Custom versus Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing between semi-custom kitchen cabinets, (factory-made cabinets) and custom kitchen cabinets can be difficult. True custom cabinets are the top of the line. They almost always cost the most. But they do give you every style, option, color, and finish possible. But most budgets can’t handle the cost. So what are you giving up by choosing…

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