Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons From An Architect

Now in a new updated edition with a bonus chapter on green building.

There’s nowhere quite like home, and we all want ours to be perfect. So how would it feel if you had an experienced architect, right beside you, helping you design, build or remodel your house?

Well, now you can, with Bill Hirsch’s book: “Designing Your Perfect House, Lessons from an Architect”.


Get Solid, Accurate Information and Good Unbiased Advice

Bill has been practicing architecture for over thirty years and for the last 20 years his passion has been helping people with custom residential design. He understands the emotional and practical ingredients that make a house into a home, and addresses them both in this guide!

With this book you will be able to:

  • Build a home that will make you proud
  • Plan for a home that reflects YOUR style
  • Understand how to explain your wishes to your architect and builder
  • Save money and finish the project on time
    go green and have a comfortable as well as environmentally friendly home
  • Love the home that YOU created yourself!

What’s in the Book?

There are twelve lessons in the book on all the various aspects of building or remodeling your home.

Bill covers everything

Right from the basic principles, choosing the best site, finding the best architects and builders, to the fun parts like putting in the final touches.

It is full of gorgeous full color illustrations to give you inspiration along the way.

Bill will guide you through how to:

  • Get the scale and proportion of your home just right
  • Make the most of natural daylight
  • Unify the design and flow of your home
  • Create beautiful focal points
  • Make the most of interesting angles and curves
  • Understand the importance of staircases and chimneys
  • Plan and choose all the best fittings for your kitchens and bathrooms
    and much, much more…

All the questions you could ever imagine and many more that you haven’t even thought about are answered in this essential guide.

For the Cost of a Book

I’ve spent my career helping my clients design, build, and remodel the best house possible, one that is perfectly suited for them. I’m paid for this help and advice, one house at a time and it’s really a thrill to hear my clients tell me that their new house feels like their home. But now I’m able to help you too and at a much lower cost.

My book, Designing Your Perfect House, is full of my very best advice and tips, guaranteed to help you design a great home, avoid costly mistakes, and stay in control along the way. It’s like having me right there with you.”Professional Tips from a Pro

Many have used this resource to guide their projects, so can you!

"Real estate agents frequently describe their clients’ houses as “custom,” but in most cases, the original buyers’ input was limited to selecting paint colors and floor coverings. These production houses work well enough for most buyers. But if you want to own a truly custom-built house, the house that each of us envisions in our mind’s eye, ‘Designing Your Perfect House’ will help you achieve your goal." 

"This is a great book. It helped me to balance the design concerns and considerations that I had. It also introduced me to things that I hadn’t even thought of before."

"In three weeks I learned what otherwise would have taken me decades of experience in the field! …"

"It is no doubt the best book on architecture and building a house I have read! The information is very useful, my eyes have been opened to many things otherwise in a black box; it gives much more grip on the intangibles of good design, a good distribution of the house and so on, and so on. I have read the book 3 times now, and will keep using it as a guideline hopefully for many years to come."

"Mr. Hirsch, I love your book. It puts into words all the things I couldn’t when viewing houses! Your book and your advice have helped me immensely…you should have a TV show…you really hit the mark!"