How to Negotiate with Your Builder


In today’s economy with the big downturn in homebuilding and construction hurting every builder, negotiating can be more effective than ever. But some methods of negotiating can be more effective than others. Don’t overplay your hand. You might be holding all the cards right now, since every builder is very hungry for work. But pushing…

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My White Oak Floor Is Yellow!

White Oak Floor

I received this question today and I thought others might be facing the same dilemma: My husband and I just bought a house built in the early 60’s and it has the original white oak floors that have the aged yellow/orange look. I’m getting used to them, I think!  I don’t know what color to…

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When Is A House Watertight?


You might think your house only becomes watertight when the siding, brick or stone is completely installed. Actually, sidings of any kind, including masonry and stucco, are not as watertight as you might imagine. They are not the last line of defense against water. I refer to siding, brick, stone, stucco, and other sidings as…

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