Cool Bunk Beds – Space Saving and Fun

Bunk Bed

I don’t think there is a kid alive who does not love bunk beds. And you adults, think back. Wasn’t that your favorite way to sleep?

Room for Four. Bunk Beds Can Be Luxury Accommodations for Your Grandchildren

There is a certain coziness about sleeping in your own little cocoon a bunk bed provides. Basic bunk beds are economical and practical. They save floor space in two important ways. First, by placing one bed on top of the other, they free up the floor space the second bed would have required. Second, they are usually pushed against a wall so the safety rail is only required on one side. This further frees up floor space by eliminating a side “aisle” on one side of the bed.

Built-in Bunk Beds Don’t Have to Be Fancy to Be Fun and Functional

Bunk beds can be fancy or basic. And in truth, kids don’t really care which one it is, just as long as they can crawl in, cuddle up, and have a personal space to call their own. But if you want to make your bunk beds a real work of art, you can fit them out with built-in stairs, storage drawers, private reading lights and privacy curtains. They’ll be so nice, your adult guest might want to sleep there.

Bunk beds will give you “found” floor space and expand the usefulness of a room. Now what was once merely a bedroom can be a sitting and play room with a sofa and television during the day and transform into the favorite sleeping place at night. If you are empty nesters and you only need additional sleeping space when the grandchildren visit, built-in bunk beds are a great way to give everyone a private bed. There will be no more need for brothers and sisters to share a double or queen-sized bed. That, as we all know, is a fate worse than death!

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