Newel – Our Word of the Week


Newel, or Newel Post – a newel, or newel post is the post at the bottom of a flight of stairs, or at turning points in the stair. A newel supports the handrail. It’s usually larger and more detailed than the other posts (balusters) that make up the handrail support system. The newel post is where the…

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My Wood Floor is Shrinking

Shrinking Wood Floor

It’s winter and wood floors are shrinking. Here’s a question I received the other day about this common complaint. Jean wrote: Need your expert advice please if you can.  I have installed acres of 18mm solid wood flooring in all my rooms. this winter with the heating on it seems to be shrinking. Seems to be…

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Yikes! I have Gaps in My Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Gaps

It’s nearly winter. That means that your hardwood floors are about to show cracks between the boards. If you’ve moved into a new house, these cracks could cause alarm. How could your brand new hardwood floors crack? Gaps between boards, or cracks, if you will, are not the result of the wood floor failing or…

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Kitchen Cabinets and Wood Floors – A Grainy Question

Kitchen Wood Grain

If you have wood floors in your kitchen and a natural wood finish on your kitchen cabinets, should the floors and cabinets be the same species of wood and the same color or should they contrast? And if they should contrast, which should be the darker color? I often discuss this issue with my clients.…

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