Apron: Word of the Week

Window Apron

Apron– If you think of an apron as something that sits on top of a separate article and hangs down to cover it, you’re pretty much right. An apron in the kitchen is worn to protect the clothes you wear underneath. In architecture, the apron doesn’t really protect what lies beneath, but it does sit…

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Eye Brow Dormer: Word of the Week

Eyebrow Dormer

A raised eye brow can mean many things. As you may or may not know, a dormer is the structural element you see protruding out from the plane of a sloping roof. The dormer is often a solution to creating more usable space. In a remodel, or new construction, the dormer allows for headroom, usable…

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Double-Hung Window: Our Word of the Week

Double Hung Windows

Double-Hung Window– a double-hung window is one of two main types of operable windows you’ll generally find. A double-hung window has two sashes, an upper and a lower sash, that slide vertically past one another in a single casement. One of the more traditional styles of windows, the double-hung window typically sets the lower sash in front…

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