Design-Build One Stop Shopping for House Design and Construction

Choosing Building Materials

You’ve probably heard about something called design-build. Wouldn’t that be a good way for me to save money? The answer is “yes and no.” It all depends on the particular company you work with. This building method is essentially one-stop shopping for a house or addition. The concept is undeniably appealing and can be effective…

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Home Remodeling Turn Your Old Home into Your Dream Home

Dream Home

Sometimes, a home remodeling project can make more sense than building a new home. It can be a better investment and it can also be a better lifestyle choice. Instead of selling what you have and building your dream home, why not turn your house into that very dream house. If you’ve out-grown your current…

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One Size House Does NOT Fit All

House Size

Would you buy a suit that was a couple of sizes too small? Would you pick your new shoes from a rack of “standard” sizes and colors, even if none of them actually fit or the colors weren’t right? Of course not. So why is it that we are willing to pick out a house…

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