Strike – Our Word of the Week

Door Strike

Strike – ‘Strike’ is a word that can be used in many different ways and situations. In the language of construction and architecture, a strike is the hole in a doorjamb that the lock’s bolt or latch goes into. Also called the strike plate, it’s the metal piece that’s set in the doorway with a…

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Our Word of the Week – Jamb

Door Jamb

Jamb- The jamb is the portion of a doorway you might have often referred to as the “frame” around the hole in the wall of a doorway. But “officially,” it does not refer to the part of the doorway opening over your head. It only refers to the sides. The two vertical pieces (usually of wood,…

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A Fire Door from the Garage to the House


Today’s question is, “Does the door from my garage to my house have to be fireproof or different from the other doors in my house?” The answer is definitely, “Yes.” Garages along with kitchens, are the places most likely to initiate a fire. Think about it. Your garage has gasoline in it along with paints, thinners,…

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Your Front Door and Entrance Is Important

Important Entrance

We all know how important first impressions can be. Our opinion of something or someone is formed quickly upon our first encounter. That’s one reason you should pay attention to the design of your front door, entrance, and the entire arrival and entry experience when designing your house. You won’t get a second chance. So…

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