Let’s Discuss Construction Cost per Square Foot

Square Footage Cost

Let’s talk about the mythical, mystical construction cost per square foot for building a new house or addition. Somewhere in your early planning, you will want to know what your house or addition might cost. This is important information to know since the cost of your project will certainly affect your decisions while creating the…

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How to Negotiate with Your Builder


In today’s economy with the big downturn in homebuilding and construction hurting every builder, negotiating can be more effective than ever. But some methods of negotiating can be more effective than others. Don’t overplay your hand. You might be holding all the cards right now, since every builder is very hungry for work. But pushing…

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What Does an Addition Cost to Build?

Home Addition

I received a note from someone the other day asking how much it would cost to add a room to an existing house. She was interested in the “cost per square foot” for budgeting and planning purposes. She also asked what the best options might be. Figuring the cost of building a new house based…

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