Stopping Water Does Not Guarantee a Dry Basement

Stopping Water

Having a dry basement means not having water seeping in through the walls and up from the floor. That is certainly a correct statement. There are several good and effective ways to waterproof your basement. But even if you stop water from coming into the basement from outside, you might still have a damp, musty…

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Build a Waterproof Basement

Waterproof Basement

Is a waterproof basement akin to the Holy Grail? Is it something to strive for but is not attainable? Water is the bane of most basements. It is such a persistent problem that many people choose to forego a basement all together simply because of their fear of ending up with a wet basement. The…

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Building a Basement: Do it Right the First Time

Basement Correct

Building a basement the right way will give you a strong, stable house and provide you with additional living space at a bargain price. Every house needs a foundation. In order to be strong, that foundation must be built on solid soil and it must extend below the frost line. Freezing water is amazingly powerful.…

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