Window Shades Can Save Energy

Right Window Shade Settings
Insulating Window Shades Save Heating and Cooling Energy.

If I asked you to list five ways to save energy in your house, I’ll bet that window shades would never be on your list. Make it a list of twenty energy-saving tactics and window shades still wouldn’t make the list. We tend to think of window shades as only providing privacy and decor. But the right shade can also save you considerable money on both heating and cooling costs for your home.

The insulating window shades made by are good examples of shades that save energy. These cleverly designed, double-cell pleated shades look great, as you would expect. They come in many colors and translucencies, from full blackout fabrics to thin, light admitting types. But what is not readily visible is the insulating benefit they provide.

When the window shade is pulled down, the double cellular honeycomb pleats open up and forms small air spaces. Still (non-moving) air is the best insulator in the world. The cells in the shades provide a double layer of still air. Installing these window shades over windows that usually turn very cold on winter nights, helps keep the cold out of the room. You are covering your energy-leaking windows with covered with an effective insulating blanket, cutting your heating bill significantly. In the summer, the insulating shade helps keep out the hot summer temperatures and sun, thus lowering your air conditioning costs.

You can further enhance the insulating benefits of the shades by installing the sidetracks they offer. These “enclose” the open ends of the cells to hold the insulating air inside the cells even better.

Right Window Shade Settings
Sidetracks Hold the Still Air in the Cells and Increase the Insulating Value of these Insulating Cellular Shades

The manufacturer claims these shades can pay for themselves in energy savings in as little as five years. I can assure you there are not many products you can buy for your home, or build into your home, that will pay back their cost this quickly. And that doesn’t even consider the aesthetic and privacy benefits they provide. Here’s a bonus. They are made in America.

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