Pocket or Swinging Door for Bathroom?

Modern Bathroom

The master bedinterior-door-to-bathroomroom suite usually includes a master bathroom area.  It is likely that you will want to be able to close off the bathroom area for privacy at times.  People often think that a pocket or sliding door would be the solution, since it can be open and not be intrusive, and closed when needed.  However, a pocket door on a bathroom can be a problem.  They tend to be noisy to operate. I have a former client who changed their pocket door to a swinging door simply because of the noise.  It is loud enough to disturb someone who is still trying to sleep.   Swinging doors are a better choice, so long as there is an available wall for it to “park” against when held open.  Another issue with pocket doors is that they tend to be difficult to lock.  So, if you want to allow your partner to sleep peacefully when you are in the bathroom, and would also want the ability to lock the door for privacy, then a swinging door is my recommendation.

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