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Hose Bibb

Hose Bibb – In construction, sometimes things are called by a different name than what the rest of the general public calls them. Case in point : hose bibb. When you go to hook up your garden hose so you can water your grass or tomatoes, you might say you’re using the spigot or faucet. In the construction world, this would not be accurate. That device that sticks out of your house, at roughly sill level, that has an on/off valve and a threaded end for hose connection is a hose bibb.

It might be called many different names, but this is a Hose Bibb.
It might be called many different names, but this is a Hose Bibb.

In climates that are prone to freezing, the hose bibb is a frost proof hose bibb. In these installations, the valve itself is located inside the heated portion of the house. This prevents the freezing, and the inevitable breaking of the pipe. Home owners with these concerns are advised to “drain down” the hose bibb before the first freeze of the season to remove the water from the pipe beyond the valve.

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Bill Hirsch

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