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Copper Gutters

I often design houses that are the “new old house” type. Those are the ones that are new, but look like thay have been there for many years. I find that an important part of getting the look and feel of these houses right is to pay close attention to the details.Often, an important detail involves the gutters. Old fashioned copper gutters that age with time offer a warmth that aluminum may not offer. There is something quite appealing about shiny copper that first turns the color of an old penny and then eventually gains those green, verdigris streaks. This patina of age is what we see on the historic buildings of Boston and Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, the price of copper gutters and Copper Gutters Cost have always been high, but now it’s gone through the roof (pardon the pun). There is a product that can help with that cost a bit. It is copper clad stainless steel. I have only known about this product for a short time, but it looks like a promising alternative that could save about 20% on the cost of copper gutters.

Bill Hirsch | Architect

Bill Hirsch

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