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Open Floor Plan

Sick of Open Floor Plans? Try These 5 Tricks to Separate Your Space

I find the trend toward an open floor plan is changing a bit these days,” says William J. Hirsch Jr., an architect and author of ” Designing Your Perfect House.” “People seem to be looking for more definition of the rooms, although they still like to retain the ‘shared space’ aspect of the open plan.”    This is from an article posted on and also on Fox ,   What are 5 things you can do to delineate spaces in an open concept

Architect William J. Hirsch Jr.
Add columns to the ceiling


These floors were refinished after humidity was under control.
Use of the darker wood shows when one room ends and another begins.  You can also have the wood running in different directions.
Architect William J. Hirsch Jr.
Install columns. “This kind of detail implies a structural separation between the rooms, even if the columns are fairly far apart,” Hirsch says.
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The French Doors here keeps the room connected visually, but can be closed for privacy and sound control.  The bookcase is another item that can define a space.

It is great to have an open floor plan, but you still want to be able to tell the purpose of the spaces.  Read more by going to the following article.

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