Soldier Course: Word of the Week

Gray Brick

Soldier course – No, this is not Military 101 or a freshman class at West Point. A “course” here refers to a single row of bricks within a brickwork structure, such as a wall. Each course is classified based upon how it’s laid, and how the exposed face is oriented relative to the face of the finished wall.

Here we see a rowlock on top of a soldier course.
Here we see a rowlock on top of a soldier course.

A soldier course is a row of bricks laid vertically with the long narrow side of the brick exposed. You’ll often see the soldier course around a door or window as way to accentuate the trim and define the transition between wall and opening. Or it can act as the transition between two materials, as seen in the picture.

This particular soldier course has a rowlock course on top of it. Think of a soldier course as a rank and file of bricks standing at attention, as the soldiers do.

Bill Hirsch | Architect

Bill Hirsch

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