Outdoor Fireplaces Warm Up Your Terrace

Outdoor Fireplace

A recent and interesting trend in house design is the inclusion of an outdoor fireplace. Sometimes this is a free-standing fireplace on a patio or terrace that might be a part of an outdoor kitchen arrangement. Or, if you live in the land of night time bugs like I do, your outdoor fireplace might be on a screened…

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Learn Some Framing Words – Studs, Joists, Rafters, I-Joists

Home Framing Terms | Joist

Studs? Joists? Rafters? I-Joists?  When an architect and builder sit down to discuss the plans for a building, they speak a common language.  Sometimes I forget that the terms those of us in the construction industry use are not common words used by most people. It can be embarrassing for a “non-construction” person to keep…

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Analyzing Home Building Sites: Make the Best Use of Your Land

Home Site Design | Compass

Evaluating and understanding building sites is such an important aspect of house design, I devoted an entire “lesson” to the subject in my book,  Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons from an Architect. If you were to ask me what mistake I see most often in house design and homebuilding, I would say it would be…

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Green Building and Energy Efficient Home Design

Green Building Materials

The term Green Buildingalong with Sustainable Design,are catch phrases for energy efficiency, environmentally responsible design and construction. Solar Home Designs, either passive solaror active solar, the use of Green Building Materials, Energy Efficient Building Materials, Reclaimed Building Materials, Recycled Building Materials, and any use of Renewable Energysources would all qualify as building “green.” In the 1970’s we called it ecology. Today, the principles remain…

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Sustainable and Green Building – the Whole Story

Green Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainable and Green are terms that are being tossed around more and more frequently, especially in the world of construction and home design. If you have a product to sell, labeling it “green” is the first consideration in your marketing plan. But just what do these terms really mean? Wikipedia defines Green Building as “the practice of…

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Building Materials – You Have Lots of Choices

Choosing Building Materials

With so many choices of building materials and house components and parts available today, how can you ever know which is best for your home building or remodeling project? The answer comes from learning what you can expect of the materials or building components, deciding what you want to pay, and thinking about what suits…

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Home Gyms – A Luxury and a Necessity

Home Gym Design Planning

Home Gyms  have become a more common feature in today’s homes as physical fitness has become a more important part of modern life. People are looking for ways to incorporate an exercise regimen into their daily routine. Many people do a daily run, but weight training and other upper body exercises add to your total…

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Garage Designs: Planning the Largest Room in Your House

Garage Storage Planning Design

Garage designs are probably not the first thing you think about when contemplating a new home. But you should. After all, it’s the largest “room” in your house. We don’t tend to think of it that way, but it’s true. Because it is the “forgotten room,” garage designs often are not given enough attention.  A…

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Need Help with Your House Design?

Architect Consulting Services

Even with all the information on my website and the guidance in my book, Designing Your Perfect House, you might want to get more direct help with your house design. We’re here for you. We can help you a little or a lot, depending on your particular needs and desires. We’re not just a website. We are…

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